I was beyond impressed with my experience at Fan's clinic. He was very knowledgeable and made me comfortable throughout my treatment by giving me assurances and explaining the treatment processes clearly. I am very grateful to have found Fan to look after my hearing health. Thanks!

Saint Tan

Hi, This is Fan He (MAud., MAudSA (CC)),

I have been in the hearing care industry since 1990. I was an ENT surgeon for 10 years before I moved to Australia in 2002. After I graduated from Master of Clinical Audiology in 2004, I started working as an Audiologist here in Adelaide.

My specialty is deep and compact wax removal. If the hidden wax on the corner of your ear drum is not cleaned properly, you still feel blocked. I have been looking after my clients at all age, from 3 years old to 102 years young. If you want find an expert who knows your ears with gentle hands, come to my office at 29 Rothesay Ave, Hazelwood Park.