No ear drop required, my service covers:

  1. Ear wax removal,
  2. Canal cleaning after infection,
  3. Foreign body removal,
  4. Ear canal inspection with video camera.
  5. Home visit services to nursing homes or private homes in Adelaide Metro area for clients with special needs.
  6. Ear wax cleaning for kids who can seat still.

I offer same day Ear Wax Removal with combination of micro-suction and manual tool procedures. My procedure is prompt, gentle and safe. There have been over 6000 customers visited my clinic since 2016. They were from 3.5 to 102 years old, came from all over the places, such as Broken Hill, Coober Pedy, Mt. Gambier and Port Lincoln, even interstates.

Previously, people had to go to their GP to clean their ear wax. The GP will use warm water to wash the wax out.

However, the problem with that is the warm water is forced into the ear; it can damage the ear canal, ear drum, also it can cause ear infection. We have seen many clients with bloody ears after they have had their ears syringed.

Thankfully there is a better process, which also achieves a much better result: