Previously, people had to go to their GP to clean their ear wax. The GP will use warm water to wash the wax out. 

However, the problem with that is the warm water is forced into the ear; it can damage the ear canal, ear drum, also it can cause ear infection. We have seen many clients with bloody ears after they have had their ears syringed. 

Thankfully there is a better process, which also achieves a much better result:

The Micro-Suction Process

Step 1

Before we can perform any proceedures, we will evaulate the condition of the ear canal. We can see any types of obstructions that there might be, using a Voroscope (developed by Australian ENT doctor John Vorrath in Melbourne).

We are also able to show clients their ear wax in the canal with a micro-video camera before and after the procedure.

Step 2

A wax ring is placed to help gently guide the suction instruments.

We can also remove foreign body from ear canal. Ear drum imaging is another service I can provide.

Step 3

A micro suction tube is gently insert into the ear canal to remove wax, just like an ENT doctor uses in his/her clinic. No water or syringes are used, and there is minimum discomfort.

Step 4

After the proceedure has been completed, we can take a HD photo of the ear and ear drum before and after the process.

We have some clients that comes to us with "injured" ears, and request verfication photos to show the doctor or ENT (Sometimes, it will take days or months to see an ENT doctor).